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Savoury sweetcorn and cheese pancakes recipe

Savoury sweetcorn and cheese pancakes recipe

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My family always ask for this on the weekends for a late hearty breakfast with some crispy bacon or prepare in advance and keep in the fridge to use as a quick snack when the kids come in from school or even as a midweek main meal with some steamed broccoli and a salad.

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IngredientsServes: 8

  • 250g plain flour
  • 4 eggs
  • 500ml milk
  • pinch of salt
  • 50g butter, melted
  • 300g tinned sweetcorn
  • grated cheese

MethodPrep:10min ›Cook:5min ›Ready in:15min

  1. Sieve flour and salt into a bowl, make a well in the centre and add the eggs and milk a little at a time until mixture forms a smooth batter. Strain the sweetcorn and add to the batter along with the melted butter.
  2. Cook the pancake as normal until golden brown on one side, flip over and continue cooking until other side is golden brown
  3. Just before serving, sprinkle a generous heap of grated cheese on one half of the pancake and fold over. Serve hot.

Make ahead

If making mixture ahead, add the sweetcorn and melted butter just before cooking. Finely chopped peppers, onions or tomatoes can be added to make this recipe more substantial if wished.

Pancake how-to

Forget flops with our collection of Pancake videos! We'll show you how to make everything from traditional pancakes to savoury crepes, and more. Watch now!

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Quick, filling breakfast. Made a nice change from a normal fry up or toast.-19 Mar 2011

Sweetcorn and feta cheese pancakes

Do you have any childhood food memories? Do certain foods, cooking smells and rituals take you right back to a less stressful time when things seemed a whole lot simpler? I have a ton of food memories, but one in particular that stands out for me is my Gran’s savoury pancakes. I really loved them. They were thick, fluffy and extremely good alongside sausages, bacon and baked beans. That’s how I remember eating them. They always contained sweetcorn and if we hadn’t used it all up in sandwiches and toasties, cheddar cheese. My Gran was very much a use-up what-you’ve-got cook.

These sweetcorn and feta cheese pancakes only vaguely resemble the ones from my childhood. If my Gran was still here, she would probably say they are “a bit fancy.” She definitely wouldn’t drown them in chilli sauce like I do, but it’s my weakness. I love chilli the way I used to love chocolate when I was a teenager!
I’ve used feta in these pancakes, but they are also really good with cheddar. I use tinned sweetcorn unapologetically, but when fresh corn comes into season, I’ll absolutely be using it instead.

These pancakes are also very good with sausages or roasted tomatoes, avocado, beans etc – the usual breakfast fare!


Beat together the flour, baking powder, chilli powder, eggs and milk until you have a smooth batter. Stir in the sweetcorn, onion, coriander or parsley and some seasoning.

Heat a little olive oil in a non-stick frying pan or pancake pan. Drop 2 tablespoons of batter per fritter into the pan and cook as many as will fit comfortably for a couple of minutes until the bases are golden. Carefully turn over and cook for a further 2 minutes, again until the bases are golden.

Keep warm while you continue with the remaining batter, adding more oil to the pan as you go.

PS . . . All sorts of things can be served with the pancakes, such as:
* Crispy fried bacon.
* Roasted peppers.
* Smoked salmon.
* Fried chorizo or salami.
* Cooked prawns.
* Grilled halloumi cheese.
* Sliced avocado or guacamole.
* Pickled chillies and gherkins.
* Sour cream or crème fraîche.
* Sweet chilli dipping sauce.
* Tomato ketchup.

Bacon, Corn & Cheddar Pancakes

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was delicious all around – I came pretty close to finally replicating Jeff’s Grandma’s famous stuffing, and I made the best turkey gravy I’ve ever made. That’s not saying much, as I generally make kind of terrible turkey gravy, but this year’s gravy was really good even without that disclaimer. There was a little pumpkin pie bar incident that resulted in a dessert that could only be referred to as “a pumpkin . . .thing,” but other than that, everything went off without a hitch.

And now, for something completely unrelated to turkey. Unless you use turkey bacon for this, but . . don’t.

You probably know that I’m a fan of all things savory for breakfast. I dig savory yogurt, savory oatmeal, and I’ve made several kinds of savory waffles. When I realized I didn’t have a savory pancake recipe in my arsenal, I knew that needed to be corrected immediately.

These Bacon, Corn & Cheddar Pancakes are great for breakfast, brunch and most especially, breakfast-for-dinner. Whip up a basic buttermilk pancake batter, and then stir in crumbled bacon, corn kernels, shredded cheese and chopped chives. You can use whatever cheese you have on hand for these, but I really like Ilchester Golden Applewood Cheese. It’s an English Cheddar-style cheese that has a nice smoky flavor and is lightly dusted with paprika. It melts beautifully and is the perfect choice for these savory pancakes.

Savoury pancake recipes


Ham and cheese savoury pancakes

Stuff your savoury crêpe with chunky ham and salty gruyère for a quick, comforting midweek meal.

Vietnamese pancakes

These light savoury crêpes by Uyen Luu are stuffed with juicy king prawns and are best eaten with an abundance of salad leaves and herbs.

Spicy sweetcorn melt pancakes

  • Mix a 195g tin of sweetcorn with ½ chopped red onion, 1 finely chopped red chilli, 1 chopped roasted red pepper from a jar, ½ tsp toasted cumin seeds and a handful of chopped coriander leaves.
  • Scatter some grated cheddar and mozzarella mix over six pancakes then grill until melted. Stack up three pancakes each with the sweetcorn mix.

Smoked salmon pancakes

  • Mix 4 tbsp crème fraîche with 1 finely chopped shallot, 1 tbsp chopped dill and a squeeze of lemon juice.
  • Layer up three pancakes each with slices of smoked salmon and drizzles of the crème fraîche mixture, finishing with salmon, a final drizzle of sauce and some extra dill.

Eggs benedict pancakes

  • Gently heat a small jar of hollandaise sauce. Poach 2 small eggs. Cook 100g baby spinach in a knob of butter and lots of seasoning until just wilted, then drain on kitchen paper.
  • Layer up 3 pancakes each with slices of wafer-thin smoked ham and the wilted spinach, then top each with a poached egg, some hollandaise sauce and a sprinkle of chopped chives

Full English pancake stack

  • Skin 2 pork sausages then reform the sausagemeat into 2 patties. Cook in a non-stick frying pan until crisp and golden, then fry 10 halved baby plum tomatoes in the same pan. Grill 4 rashers of streaky bacon until crisp. Fry 2 eggs (we love Clarence Court Burford Browns).
  • Layer up two pancakes for each serving with the patties, bacon and tomatoes, and top each with a fried egg. Mix 3 tbsp tomato ketchup with 1 tbsp hot sauce. Drizzle over the stacks before serving.

Potato pancakes

Try our moreish potato and buttermilk pancakes for a savoury brunch this weekend. These simple pancakes are delicious topped with a dollop of crème fraîche and sprinkling of chives.

Sweetcorn, feta and spring onion pancakes

The best savoury pancakes idea! Sabrina Ghayour, a British-Iranian chef, food writer and author, has developed this quick, easy and flavoursome savoury pancake recipe made with sweetcorn, feta and spring onion. A quirky yet delicious combination of salty and sweet flavours comes from the addition of bacon and maple syrup, resulting in a recipe perfect for an exciting pancake day brunch.

Savoury vegan crêpes

We've used plant-based milk and coconut oil to make a deliciously crisp egg-free crêpe. Fill with garlicky mushrooms and vegan soft cheese for an easy plant-based lunch

Crispy duck pancakes

Who loves crispy duck pancakes? This twist on classic crispy duck pancakes is made with the addition of a tangy peach sauce and offers a great alternative to the classic Shrove Tuesday options. The duck, despite its longer marination and cooking time, is surprisingly simple in preparation requiring only a few ingredients to provide the renowned aromatic flavour. The perfect DIY pancake day take away!

Easy okonomiyaki Japanese pancakes

Try these trendy Japanese savoury pancakes loaded with cabbage, prawns and bacon. These Japanese crepes have been popping up everywhere recently with their vibrant ingredients and flavours. This pancake recipe provides a simplified version you can make at home this Shrove Tuesday.

Spinach pancakes with smoked salmon

Check out this vibrant recipe with soured cream, smoked salmon and dill. Our easy spinach pancakes make for a lazy weekend brunch recipe

Potato and spring onion pancakes

Looking for an easy savoury pancake recipe? Check out these quick potato pancakes. We've used instant mash in this recipe making the pancakes super soft and smooth.

Peking duck pancakes

Serve the Peking duck with some warmed mango chutney for a fruity twist or, for a more traditional accompaniment, make the duck sauce. There is a type of duck called a Pekin that is bred to have less fat, making it perfect for this recipe as the skin crisps up more easily.

Korean courgette pancakes with dipping sauce

This quirky savoury pancake dish is the perfect dinner party starter as it will look impressive when actually it could not be simpler. These courgette fritters are given a Korean-style makeover with an easy all-in-one Korean-style dipping sauce to spice up your Shrove Tuesday.

Spinach and feta chickpea pancakes

These savoury crepes make for a quick healthy and delicious pancake day lunch. This easy crepe recipe is also gluten free, using chickpea flour (also known as gram flour) which also provides more protein than other flours.

Green spinach pancakes with soured cream, smoked salmon and dill

Make something a bit different this Shrove Tuesday and try this vibrant spinach pancake recipe. These savoury pancakes work perfectly with smoked salmon, sour cream and dill or try it with grilled halloumi for a vegetarian alternative.

Smoked salmon pancakes with lemon and caper crème fraîche

This savoury pancake recipe can be altered in size to make either a delicious pancake day brunch or a classy appetiser at a Shrove Tuesday gathering. These chive pancakes are teamed with smoked salmon, lemon, nonpareil capers and dill crème fraîche in resulting in an easy yet sophisticated pancake day recipe.

Duck with mole sauce and Peking-syle pancakes

Try this intriguing Chinese-Mexican hybrid recipe this pancake day. This Peking style pancake recipe may seem unusual however is extremely popular and common in America. These savoury pancakes pack a punch, with an aromatic and flavoursome mole sauce, whilst remaining extremely easy to make!

Baked spinach and ricotta pancakes

Ready-made-pancakes are used as an alternative to pasta in this delicious Italian-inspired dish with creamy ricotta, spinach and tomato sauce. Perfect for a veggie Pancake Day supper.

What can I put in my pancakes?

What toppings you put on your pancakes if entirely up to you, go wild. Here I’ve used grated cheddar cheese (delicious tang), some good quality carved ham and a free range egg.

You could fill your savoury pancakes with whatever you fancy, we like tuna, cheese and red onion too. Or how about chicken and sweetcorn? Or if you fancy getting a bit spicy, how about a batch of my delicious Lamb Keema rolled up in a savoury pancake?

6 savoury pancake recipes to make for supper

/>by Katy Rose

Pancakes are not only for breakfast, they can also make a filling and delicious evening meal.

Add a little Scandinavian flavour to your dinner menu with salmon roe and chives.

This tasty recipe is a great way to use up leftovers in the fridge.

Grab a tin of sweetcorn from the cupboard and make these tasty pancakes.

These creamy, cheesy parcels make for the perfect comfort food!

Smoked ham, Gruyère cheese and mustard give this recipe a distinct French-café feeling!


  1. To make the pancake batter, combine the flour, eggs, milk and salt in a mixing bowl. Whisk until the mixture has the consistency of double cream. (If the mixture becomes lumpy, sieve before using. If you make it the night before, any lumps will magically disappear by morning.)
  2. Melt the butter in a large, nonstick, ovenproof frying pan set over a medium heat. Divide the spring onions, sausages and sweetcorn into four portions, one for each pancake. Add one portion to the pan and fry until golden. Pour enough pancake batter into the pan to cover the bottom &ndash the pancake should be around the depth of a 20p piece (slightly thicker than a crepe).
  3. Use a knife to gently lift the edge of the pancake &ndash when the pancake turns golden underneath, it&rsquos ready. When done, sprinkle a quarter of the cheese on top and add a little seasoning. Put the pan under a hot grill until the cheese has melted and the pancake is cooked on top.
  4. The pancakes can be kept warm on a plate in a low oven, separated by sheets of nonstick baking paper.

For top tips on protecting you and your family when preparing raw meat and poultry, visit Food Safety in the Home.

This delicious recipe is part of our Tesco Dinner Tonight series, which shows you how to turn kitchen classics into new and inspiring dishes. You can watch the full recipe video here.

They work great with some milk on the side, or yogurt and fruit on top if you’re making them sweet rather than savoury.

Healthy baby pancakes are easy to make even with the most basic of ingredients, and you can even make baby pancakes with baby cereal that you have never used and lies somewhere in the back of your pantry.

Pancakes are also great for eating on the go without any mess involved.

So, all around only advantages when it comes to pancakes.

Let’s see how you can actually go beyond the banana pancakes recipe and bring things up a notch.

Note: photo credit goes to the respective recipe authors.

Cheesy sweetcorn pudding

We don&rsquot celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, but if we did, I imagine this cheesy sweetcorn pudding is the kind of thing I&rsquod serve. It was definitely inspired by some of the Thanksgiving-style dishes I&rsquove seen online (you Americans are so good / weird with the sweet-and-savoury thing). Plenty of sweetcorn, plenty of cheese, all encased in a soft, puddingy mixture &ndash delish.

I&rsquove actually made a sweetcorn pudding / casserole in the past, years and years ago, and it&rsquos one of the more popular recipes on my site (to quote from my favourite film, it&rsquos bizarre what some people find attractive &ndash the photos in that post are horrendous). So I thought I&rsquod give it a bit of a revamp. This time I didn&rsquot use the slow cooker (although you could certainly try it, if you like). The end result was perfectly puddingy, with flecks of chilli and spring onion, and of course all that sweetcorn!

It can be a bit tricky to find tins of creamed corn in the UK &ndash it&rsquos not particularly common here. But I know it can be done, as I bought a tin myself. Just keep searching, or buy it online. It looks a bit strange in the tin, but it adds an extra creaminess and a more intense sweetcorniness (yes) to your cheesy sweetcorn pudding.

I&rsquom not too sure how else you&rsquod serve this cheesy sweetcorn pudding other than as part of a big Thanksgiving-style feast &ndash it&rsquos not quite a main course, but seems too fancy to serve as a side dish with a normal meal. I suppose you could just eat it straight from the dish with a spoon, if you fancy. Seems like the best option to me.