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Bastille, Burgers, and Beaujolais

Bastille, Burgers, and Beaujolais

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Easy pairings to bring a bit of French finesse to your grill game

Tomorrow is Bastille Day, which is kind of like the 4th of July for France. Not really, but there are fireworks, so you may as well use the day as an excuse to relive your Independence Day celebrations while adding some French flair. After all, France supported our troops in the Revolutionary war; we may as well support their revolutionary holiday, too.

So, brush off your grill and throw on some burgers. Then, add a twist by trading your American brews for some French wine. A good glass of Beaujolais can boast a palate that stands up to a juicy burger while still feeling light and refreshing. These fruity Gamay wines go great with burgers, whether you’re grilling some classic beef patties or tweaking the burger concept. We tasted a full line-up of Georges Duboeuf wines to bring you the best pairings.

Classic Beef Burger: Top it with sharp cheddar or gruyere and open up a buttery, fruit-filled, and full-bodied bottle of Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais-Villages.

Bison Burger: Add some chipotle mayo and pair this healthier, more delicate meat with a more complex and layered Georges Duboeuf Juliénas Château des Capitans.

Salmon Burger: Garnish with a bit of wasabi or some wasabi aoli and bring out Georges Duboeuf Brouilly. The darker notes complement the fish without overwhelming its delicate flavor, while the soft tannins meld with the oils in the fish.

Turkey Burger: Keep your lean burger classic with some Swiss cheese and sip on a medium-bodied Beaujolais Cru with dark berry and pepper notes to bring out the flavor of the poultry: Georges Duboeuf Fleurie.

Veggie Burger: There’s a wide range of Vegetarian burger recipes out there, but most burgers are dense with a bit of spice and herb. Try another Beaujolais Cru with a bit of spice, like Georges Duboeuf Morgon, and play to these flavors.

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