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Bake a Second Batch: Carrot Cake Cookies

Bake a Second Batch: Carrot Cake Cookies

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Give some, keep some: Carrot cake cookies are surefire smile-makers.

Carrot Cake Cookies

Based on the classic whoopie pie, these soft sandwiches provide all the pleasures of traditional carrot cake in a fun-to-eat package, including the thick, tangy cream cheese frosting—especially the cream cheese frosting. They pack up easily; just stack between wax paper so they won't stick together. Give a batch to your neighbor, your kid's teacher, or the person hosting Easter brunch. And don't forget to make a batch of your own; it would be a shame not to enjoy them yourself.

Baking Tip #1

We toss shredded carrot with a little sugar and let the mixture stand for a few minutes. This tenderizes the shreds—important here because, unlike with an actual carrot cake that bakes for a while, these cook for only 11 minutes, not much time for the carrots to cook to softness.

Baking Tip #2

After scooping dough onto baking sheets, gently pat it down so that cookies bake generally flat; aim for 2-inch circles.

Baking Tip #3

When assembling the cookie sandwiches, press together gently so filling flattens and spreads all the way out to the edges.

To bake a second batch, mix up and bake two separate batches of cookie batter instead of one large batch. You can make just one big double-batch of the cream cheese filling, though. For giving, stack between layers of wax paper in a box. If they're an Easter gift, arrange in the box on a bed of Easter-basket grass.

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