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The Best Artisanal Products of 2017

The Best Artisanal Products of 2017

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Photo: The Flavors of Ernest Hemingway

You won't find products like these in your everyday grocery store or market, but that makes these products all the more special. Impress everyone from refined connoisseurs to Instagram-driven foodies with these one-of-a-kind artisanal food gifts.

Maine Maple Popcorn

Coastal Maine Popcorn pours its heart into into bringing New England's signature flavors to all of their non-GMO, gluten-free and air-popped popcorn products. You can't go wrong with Maine Maple, one of their most popular flavors, that will change the way you look at the sweet and salty snack.


Uncommon Goods Goat's Milk Caramel Sampler

Crafted using local goat's milk in Vermont, these rich caramel sauces are an amazing artisanal treat. In flavors like Cold Brew Coffee, Salted Bourbon, and Vanilla Bean, your dessert game will be all the better with a bold drizzle from this set of jars.


Bushwick Kitchen Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha

Get the best of both worlds with this bold and spicy sauce. Keep the familiar taste of sriracha sauce, but kick it up a notch with the addition of spicy gochujang chile paste. Drizzle on grain bowls, breakfast sandwich, stir-frys, and more!


Bitterman Salt Cocktail Set

Photo: Bitterman Salt Co.

These three varieties of salt are perfect for lining your cocktail rim or simply flavoring bold liquors for a next-level beverage.


Rancho Gordo Staff Favorites Gift Box

Filled with four hand-chosen Rancho Gordo products, this gift box is sure to make most home cooks delighted. Featuring dry heirloom bean varieties like Christmas Lima Beans and Yellow Eye Beans, dinner just got a lot more interesting for the recipient of this gift.


Runamok Hibiscus Flower Infused Maple Syrup

Bright in color and flavor, this floral favorite can add a fun twist to cocktail or dessert recipes. Made by infusing organic maple syrup with hibiscus flowers, Runamok's syrup makes for an impressive food gift.


Amy's Best Loaves

Amy's Bread is a NYC staple that has produced outstanding artisanal breads across the five boroughs, and with online product prices being inclusive of shipping, they can now be shared across the country. This gift set collection has four of Amy's best selling loaves – the semolina with golden raisins and fennel, black olive bread, miche mini, and the 5-grain whole wheat.


Hey Boo Lemon-Coconut Spreadable Jam

You won't be able to stop raving about this corn syrup-free spreadable jam. Perfect on anything from toast to waffles or even pancakes, the jam also can be substituted in baked items that call for lemon curd.


Fat Witch Bakery Gift Box

One of Manhattan's best kept secrets is the Fat Witch Bakery, a heaven for brownie lovers tucked neatly away in Chelsea Market. Good news for the rest of the country is that they ship out fresh brownies 24/7, and have a slew of gift sets perfect for the holidays.


Salumi de Tejas Gift Set

If you have a meat lover in your life, there's no way this selection of four cured meats won't leave a lasting impression on them, and your mail order arrives in a perfect presentation for gift time.


Theo Holiday Chocolate Bars

Stockings wouldn't be complete without a sweet treat. Theo's artisan chocolates are just the right size for sharing (though we won't blame you if you keep them to yourself) and come in fun holiday flavors like gingerbread spice, peppermint stick, cranberry orange, and more.


Rancho Gordo Hot Sauce Gift Box

For the spice lover in your life, impress them with this collection of Rancho Gordo's hot sauces. Ranging from mild and flavorful to fiery hot and smoky, these four sauces provide something for everyone to love.


Blue Bottle Coffee Subscriptions

Photo: Blue Bottle Coffee.

Subscriptions are the best gifts that keep on giving, and this particular service hand-delivers top-notch coffee blends right to your front door. The subscription service is completely customizable, meaning you can change amounts as well as varieties of the grounds you receive biweekly.

Starting at $8,

Umami Paste

Umami is what helps make certain vegetarian or nearly-meat-free dishes so satisfying, and is often referred to as the fifth taste within Japanese cuisine. This bottled paste is a great dish enhancer and contains flavor highlights of tomatoes, olives, vinegar, mushrooms, cheese, and various spices.

$40 for a three-pack,

Eataly's Pasta di Gragnano

This gift set of homemade pastas come from the Italian town of Gragnano, in Campania, where upscale retailer Eataly claims dry pasta was invented. These four different shapes of pasta will prove to be a smash hit for any Italian cuisine lover, especially if they can't make it to an Eataly store themselves.


Kishibori Soy Sauce

Also known as "shoyu," this artisanal soy sauce is brewed from whole soybeans, wheat, and sea salt before being fermented in what Dean & DeLuca says is 100-year-old bottles. If Japanese cuisine is a particular passion, this product will shine compared to other options given the lack of preservatives and additives.


Flavors of Hemingway Gift Box

Photo: The Flavors of Ernest Hemingway

Take the flavors of Hemingway off the pages and into your beverage. The gift box includes sea salt, hot sauce, cocktail sauce, grilling sauce, and bloody Mary mix for your ultimate Hemingway celebration.


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