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5 Crazy Ice Cream Flavors

5 Crazy Ice Cream Flavors

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These ice cream flavors might make you rethink the standard vanilla

Here in America, we have Ben & Jerry’s and Breyers. But, not everyone in the world is happy with the standard old vanilla. Throughout the world there are a host of crazy ice cream flavors, from the bizarre to what some might consider nasty. Ready to check out the five dooziest flavors we've run across?

— brooke mclay, Babble

Something's Fishy in Here

Octopus Ice Cream may sound like a terrifying mix-in, but in Japan, it's a custardy favorite!

Photo from Who-Sucks.

Vant a Lick?

Next time Edward, Bella, and the Twilight crew head on vacation, it's recommended they steer clear of Garlic Ice Cream.

Photo from Who-Sucks.

Soybean Soufflé

When you're really craving something cold and smooth, Soybean & Kelp Ice Cream probably won't hit the sweet spot.

Photo from Who-Sucks.

Salad Bar

Get your veggies in everyday with this Salad Ice Cream. Comes complete with chunks of frozen vegetables. Delish.

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When you can't find sushi, nothing makes a better substitute than Wasabi Ice Cream. Right? Um… sure. Right.

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