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The Most Authentic Irish Pubs in the US

The Most Authentic Irish Pubs in the US

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It’s that time of year when instead of heading to a trendy cocktail bar, a loud and rumbling sports bar, or — better yet — hibernating and drinking at home rather than venturing out in the cold, we search for the ultimate bar for spring. And on St. Patrick’s Day, what most people define as the drinking holiday of the year, we know where we’ll be spending our time — at an Irish pub. Because while the snow is still melting, we can indulge in a good shepherd’s pie, drink a dark, dark beer, and still feel like spring is coming.

Fortunately, we don't need to book a flight to Ireland to enjoy an Irish evening, as America is home to a budding number of truly authentic Irish pubs, from California to Florida to the Northeast. What makes a pub more authentic than any old O’Malley’s/O’Connor’s/Mc-something’s you’ll find just about anywhere? Like we noted last year, it’s not as easy as you think to find an authentic pub, but there are a few telltale signs. Dark wood paneling is often a tip-off, a good Guinness or Half and Half is a good start (bonus points if you can find more than one Irish beer on the menu), and established bartenders who know the differences between Redbreast, Bushmills, and Tullamore and know how to pull the perfect pint of Guinness — that’s just a bonus.

What makes the bars on our list authentic? Time, for one thing; the majority of the bars on our list have been open for at least 30 years — some more than 130 years. And these places are usually devoid of loud thumping music and watery house drinks. (Note to self: if you hear Drake blaring from your Irish bar's speakers, you’re probably in for a good night, but maybe not an authentic Irish kind of night.) Instead, you’ll find history seeping from the walls (heck, one bar on our list actually had parts of a 19th-century pub shipped in), thanks to the relics, photos, and old Guinness signs. The food and drink at the bars on our list mimic what you’d find at a pub in Dublin. While you may find a nachos plate here and there, you won’t find any wasabi burgers on the menu. (No really, we had to axe an Irish pub with a wasabi burger on the menu.) You’ll find pubs that are loud and boisterous, cozy and homey, and rollicking and downright hilarious — the exact kind of place where you want show off your green duds and kiss someone Irish. (There’s one bar on the list that claims success for 5,000-plus marriages thanks to "bar hookups" — we want to go to there.) Click ahead to find the most authentic Irish pubs in America, or as we call them, the true pots o’ gold at the end of a long, elusive rainbow of mediocre bars.

This story is an update of America's Best Irish Bars, published March 13, 2012.

The Most Famous Irish Pubs in the US

Feel the spirit of Ireland any night of the year when you step into an Irish pub. There's really nothing quite like the jovial and cozy atmosphere so many Kilkenny-filled taverns create.

Between the years 1845-1852, the Great Potato Famine brought numerous Irish refugees across The Pond for a better life in America. Many of them didn't bring much to their new home, but what they left behind was a cultural legacy that Americans still enjoy today. Every city seems to have a local pub, so get the skinny on ones you can't afford to miss.

Los Angeles

Molly Malone's has been an LA standard for over 30 years, with the same Irish family ownership. It not only serves up Jameson and Guinness, but also showcases musical talent. Stop by to catch some local live jam sessions, or your best friend's struggling band taking the stage. Either way, you'll enjoy the laidback atmosphere. The framed photo galleries of past performers hanging on the wall reinforce the musical history that you're taking part in.

San Francisco

If you're a NorCal dweller, you've certainly been to The Buena Vista, located in the famous Fisherman's Wharf. Sure, the whole area is kind of a tourist trap, but this place is a local favorite, rich with colorful history. The building served as a boarding house until 1916, when the owner transformed the bottom floor into a saloon. It wasn't until 1952, though, when the establishment introduced their famous, and some say unparalleled, Irish Coffee recipe. This is a must on any Golden Gate visit.

There are tons of Irish pubs to choose from in Chi-Town, but Butch McGuire's might be the most fun. C'mon, it's the original "singles bar!" For over 50 years, this saloon has been serving Chicago dwellers good beer, good food and amazing times. Butch McGuire opened the joint in 1961 with a little seed money from his mother for his younger unattached friends, and it is said that more than 5,000 marriages have resulted from bar hookups. It has always been a family-run joint, which means the authenticity, integrity and original hornball intentions have remained intact.

Washington, D.C.

When you're in the nation's capital, you'll want to make it a point to visit The Dubliner. Named after the James Joyce novel, it's as authentically Celtic as you can get as the expat Irish owners and bar staff serve patrons specialty beers and beef stew courtesy of the homeland. If you stick around for the nightlife, The Dubliner becomes a Celtic haven with Irish jigs, jovial traditional ballads, and more.

The Big Apple is known for being the first place that many Irish-Americans called home. Aside from being an awesome local Irish pub, McSorley's Old Ale House is literally the oldest bar in the city. Opening its doors in 1854, it has seen the likes of Abraham Lincoln, John Lennon and Woody Guthrie. Hell, women were not even allowed inside until after 1970. So get down on the sawdust-covered floor and pay your respects to an establishment that was here since before you were born.

It's no secret that Boston is a mecca for Celtic pride, which means you can find amazing Irish haunts like Eire Pub, which opened its Dorchester doors in 1962. During their presidential campaigns, both Reagan and Clinton ate here and incidentally, their post-Eire Pub visits led to election success. Now, stopping at Eire Pub has become somewhat of a campaigning superstition, with politicians seeking winking karma at the pub, hoping to follow in the presidential footsteps. You never know who you will see at the Eire Pub, but you can be sure all the Boston teams will be playing on over ten big screen TVs.

So no matter what part of the country you live in, or wherever you're visiting, you can rest assured a frothy pint and a basket of fish & chips will be waiting in an Irish pub near you.

The Dublin, Argentina

The Dublin is located in Ushuaia, a Patagonian town nicknamed the “End of the World” where the Andes Mountains meet the frigid waters of the Southern Ocean. It is the world’s southernmost Irish pub, and a popular drinking spot for those about to embark on Antarctic expeditions or for skiers enjoying the nearby slopes. Its exterior is modest, with a basic structure of green-painted corrugated iron. Inside, the dimly lit interior is made cozy by shamrock and leprechaun-themed memorabilia, while the bar serves the de rigueur pints of Guinness and shots of Jameson whiskey. One can also sample craft beers from the local Beagle Brewery, named after the Beagle Channel and HMS Beagle, the ship made famous by Charles Darwin.

Best Irish pub in every state in the United States

There’s no greater institution in Ireland than a trip to the pub, and our knack for creating a perfect little cozy haven where you can have a good catch-up with friends or a bit of craic with strangers has spread to fine drinking establishments all over the world.

There’s something very special about an Irish bar and the very best ones make you feel right at home the second you step through the door for the first time, but there are those that manage that fine balance of good food, a good pint of Guinness, friendly service and slightly old-fashioned decor a touch better than others.

The US is home to a wide variety of Irish pubs, but if you’re looking for the best Irish pub experience away from home, where are the best ones to frequent?

Buzzfeed had the very smart idea to ask review engine Yelp, for the inside scoop on their site’s most highly rated Irish pubs in each state, resulting in a comprehensive list of the very best Irish across the US, according to the people who’ve been there.

If your favorite place wasn’t chosen, let us know what makes it so special in the comments section, below.

Now, we’ll be traveling slowly through them all just to make sure!

1. Alabama - Lucky Irish Pub & Grill, Mobile.

Describing itself as “a local hangout with food worthy of a road trip,” the food at Lucky’s, including their $5 Irish nachos, has certainly earned itself some rave reviews on Yelp.

“Awesome burgers, beyond any burger I have had in many years. Got the Hickory 1/2 lb burger. For 6:00 on Sunday service was awesome too. Friendly atmosphere, big screens all over. Will definitely be going to see the live music very soon. [sic]”

“Great service, neat atmosphere, but the food . Damn it's good. Chefs were featured on local morning talk show.[sic]”

2. Alaska - Lucky Lady Pub, Juneau

Now owned by a 25-year patron, Mark Ericson, Lucky Lady Pub was purchased as the Pamaray Club by Mary Joyce in the 1970s and renamed because Mary considered herself a very lucky lady.

A “laid back dark local's bar with TV's, pool table, friendly vibe,” said the reviewers.

3. Arizona - Tim Finnegan’s Irish Restaurant & Pub, Phoenix

With some nice themed options such as the Killarney chicken and, of course, Irish favorites such as corned beef and cabbage and garlic/curry chips, the food at Tim Finnegan’s makes people very excited: “NOT YOUR TYPICAL MEDIOCRE BAR FOOD! DELICIOUS BEYOND BELIEF!

“Seemed like the longest traveling day ever and we found this gem. I ordered the corned beef and cabbage and thought I died and went to heaven. Some of the greatest mashed potatoes ever.”

4. Arkansas - Cregeen's Irish Pub, North Little Rock

Cregeen’s (meaning little rock in Irish) was apparently built in Dublin and shipped to Arkansas so you know it’s authentic!

“Always my first stop when I get off the plane. Nice, chill place. Great bartenders and a nice menu. I really love this section of Little Rock.”

5. California - The Shamrock Irish Pub & Eatery, Murrieta

Now it feels like Independence weekend. QUEL BORDEL getting the party started! It's a kicking Friday!

Posted by The Shamrock - Irish Pub & Eatery on Dé hAoine, 3 Iúil 2015

Opened in December 2012 by Dubliner Graham Judge and Mancunian Paul Little, The Shamrock has quickly seen off the competition with authentic Irish culture and charm, hand-painted murals, a solid oak bar and genuine memorabilia straight from Ireland.

They are also involved in Get Shamrocked, the biggest 2-day Irish Music Festival in Southern California featuring 15 amazing bands.

“The food is great the whiskey beer burger with beer batter bacon MUST be tried if only once (pick your own outrageous explicative ).”

6. Colorado - Jack Quinn's, Colorado Springs

Opened in 1998, Jack Quinn's has become a social hub in Colorado Springs, featuring music and entertainment as well as good food all days of the week, even hosting a running club on Tuesday nights.

"On a night of bar-hopping through downtown Colorado Springs, we rolled into Jack Quinn's with small-stage entertainment in full-swing thanks a jovial gent leading small packs of tourists in sing-a-longs," said one reviewer.

"It was fun times too after he pulled our group up and led us in belting out Irish tunes like 'I Useta Lover' and 'The Irish Rover' for a tip well-earned."

7. Connecticut - Inishmor Pub, Colchester

Named after Inis Mór in Galway, the owners traveled through Ireland in their 20s and sought to bring the atmosphere they experienced back home with them.

“In my opinion, the best place in town for an all-around night out experience. From drinks at the bar t authentic and unique Irish food, this place accomplishes all.”

“Great beer selection. Guinness served to perfection. Shepherd's Pie- Should Never be Taken Off the Menu! My Go To Place, at least once per week. You Will Enjoy![sic]”

8. Delaware - Sheridan’s Irish Pub, Smyrna

Claiming to be Delaware's only authentic traditional Irish restaurant and bar, Sheridan’s is owned by two Co. Dublin blow-ins.

“Every time I've gone, the service is fast and friendly, and the food is excellent.”

“Delicious Irish Pub! Went there with a friend, excellent service and good food, including dishes we had not seen at other Irish restaurants.[sic]”

9. Florida - Celtic Ray Irish Pub, Punta Gorda

“This is for real! Owner a hoot! Best jokes! Great food, be sure to check out the fish and chips. Great beer selection. But most of all, I forgot how beautiful Irish gals are! The best smiles in the planet.[sic]”

“I will tell you hands down this Pub takes me back to Ireland! hands down the best atmosphere and great staff. The décor is identical to pubs in Ireland.”

10. Georgia - Shenanigan’s, Dahlonega

“Outstanding service, beer, and food at very reasonable prices. The Sausage Dip appetizer is awesome. You won't be disappointed.”

“This is a delightful traditional Irish restaurant. The food was served hot and had obviously been prepared with care. The friendly and happy servers made this a great dining experience.”

11. Hawaii - Murphy’s Bar & Grill, Honolulu

Originally the Royal Hawaiian Saloon, owner Don Murphy has brought a taste of the homeland to this waterfront spot.

“OK - great pub with very good food - why five stars - SERVICE is off the charts.”

“Honestly the best Irish Pub food I've ever had. The ambiance of this place is enough for me to come here regularly.”

12. Idaho - MickDuff’s Brewing Company, Sandpoint

Owned by brothers Mickey and Duffy Mahoney, the pair opened the brewing company because of their own fondness for hand-crafted beer.

“I kid you not, it was the best burger I've had in roughly 13 years. I told my buddies that I was in love with my burger.”

“This place is the best. Every damn Sunday. Definitely upscale pub-style grub. Loving it.”

13. Illinois - Mollie’s Public House, Riverside

"Come in if you're good looking," the favorite phrase of the owner’s Grandmother Mollie (Flynn) Carroll from Westmeath.

“What a hidden gem. First and foremost, I absolutely loved this place, wow!”

“Let me just tell you it was a great time! Food was amazing and the Bartenders did a great job making sure everyone always had a cocktail and were there if we needed anything.”

14. Indiana - O’Bryan’s Nine Irish Brothers, West Lafayette

“Awesome atmosphere, theme, decorations and live Irish music. Lots of little areas to make it intimate. Servers were on top of their game. And the food. everything we ordered was phenomenal. Highly recommend.[sic]”

“The tap is also top notch. Wish I'd have gotten a Guinness because it looked creamy and perfect.[sic]”

15. Iowa, Dublin Bay Irish Pub & Grill, Ames

Describing itself as the perfect overgrown “family room” where members of the neighborhood meet, Dublin Bay Irish Pub offers the perfect Irish fare.

“The best place in ames. Great service great management! ! They have the best patio in town!![sic]”

“It's amazing that this place could be considered a "hidden gem" of Ames, but it really is easy to miss.”

16. Kansas - O’Neill’s Restaurant & Bar, Leawood

“A favorite place for many years. A neighborhood favorite. Always busy. Excellent service. Great bar to have a drink or eat at. Friendly atmosphere.”

“God, I love y'all! Why is your service/food so damn good? A gem on Mission, I declare. ”

17. Kentucky - Molly Malone’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, Covington

“Easily the best and most authentic Irish pub in the Cincinnati area. Great atmosphere, good pub grub and knowledgeable bar staff who know the proper way to draw a pint.”

“O M G! This place is fantastic. If I could give it 10 stars I would!”

18. Louisiana - Erin Rose, New Orleans

A loveable neighborhood bar in the French Quarter.

“Just about the perfect place to bring your out-of-town guests. Who can resist their frozen Irish coffee?? Not me, and every person I've taken here agrees.”

“I wish I could give this place more than 5 stars. Honestly. It's that amazing. The killer poboys served in the very back of the bar are pure evil genius.[sic]"

19. Maine - Féile Restaurant & Pub, Wells

Located in the historic old structure that housed the Lindsey Tavern from 1799 until the mid-twentieth century, Féile is owned by Limerick locals Joe and Tracy Ryan, carrying on the success of their l pubs in Ireland.

“Love this restaurant! Cozy, and family-friendly, atmosphere. Hands down, the BEST corned beef and cabbage I have ever had.”

20. Maryland - Galway Bay Irish Pub, Annapolis

“A go-to favorite restaurant. Whenever we have out-of-town guests who may not be as big into seafood as we are, we take them here.”

21. Massachusetts - Keltic Kitchen, West Yarmouth

Perfect stop for a full Irish!

“This place served me one of the best breakfast I've ever had. “

“We knew it was going to be good when the line to get in was spread out into the parking lot…”

22. Michigan - Sullivan’s Public House, Oxford

Chef's at it again with some amazing features for this week! Nice job brother.

“Sullivan's is an absolute gem. They have the best salmon around. I have never had a bad meal here. The owners are great and very friendly.”

“Made from scratch Irish fair, by some authentic Irish chef. Bangers and Mash, Shepherd's Pie, and Irish beers on tap from their authentic Irish bar. So cozy and inviting.”

23. Minnesota - Pub 112, Stillwater

Yes we're jamming tonight.

Posted by Pub 112 on Dé hAoine, 9 Deireadh Fómhair 2015

“Great little treasure in Stillwater. Vast beer selection. friendly wait staff. and amazing food! Live sports on 4 screens. Live music on the weekends!”

24. Mississippi - Irish Coast Pub, Gulfport

“Owner and his wife run the joint. Place is incredible. Great music. There's an open mic type night. Phenomenal bands. Cold ass beer.

“And the food... Amazing. Irish Nachos are a must.[sic]”

25. Missouri - John D. McGurk’s Irish Pub, Saint Louis

With it’s Irish musicians and artifacts, you could be sitting in a pub in Dublin.

“I've always wanted to go to Ireland, buuuuuut my bank account is currently in the red (waiting on those refunds, lol) However, walking into McGurk's, it's exactly what I'd imagine a true Irish pub to be like in Ireland -- great selection of drinks, loud music and most importantly, delicious comfort food. McGurk's has all that and more![sic]”

26. Montana - Celtic Cowboy, Great Falls

Eat, Drink and BE Irish!

Posted by The Celtic Cowboy on Dé Domhnaigh, 31 Eanáir 2016

Named after Welsh immigrant Robert Vaughn, the first European settler in the county, the Celtic Cowboy was one of Great Falls’ earliest philanthropists and most prominent citizens.

“Tons of beer on tap and a great food menu! Never had a bad meal. Service is amazing! Arlene is our favorite server! She memorizes our drink orders and she's super friendly and sweet![sic]”

27. Nebraska - Brazen Head Irish Pub, Omaha

Modeled on the Brazen Head on Bridge Street in Dublin, the Omaha version was designed in Dublin, built in Wexford and then shipped over to the US.

“My first time ever having corned beef and cabbage and I am definitely glad this is where I came. What an authentic-looking Irish bar. The staff was friendly and the menu had a ton of options.”

28. Nevada - McMullan’s Irish Pub, Las Vegas

“The staff is very friendly and quaint. The food is perfect to cure your munchies. The drinks are perfectly poured. What more could you ask for at a place like this?!”

“Never had a bad meal here, everything is always divinely delicious! I love the atmosphere, the best Irish pub in Vegas hands down!”

29. New Hampshire - May Kelly’s, North Conway

Even fitted out with it’s own post office!

"Another GREAT meal, GREAT view from deck! Can't wait to come back! Again, and again. three years and counting!”

30. New Jersey - Anglesea Pub, North Wildwood

“What a great find in a sea of wannabes . ”

“A perfect pint, excellent wings, cozy atmosphere, swift and friendly service - why was last night our very first visit to the Anglesea Pub? We have a new "go to." Looking forward to trying each of their nightly specials.”

31. New Mexico - Two Fools Tavern, Albuquerque

“Fantastic Irish breakfast with a Guinness. They go hand in hand like Red and Green. In true New Mexico fashion, Two Fools Tavern is sure to surprise because it steps out of the usual pub, while still embracing its Duke City roots.”

32. New York - Cronin & Phelan’s, Astoria, Queens

In the city with an Irish pub on almost every block, it’s hard to pick just one but the Yelp reviewers love this Queen’s local.

“This place had some pretty darn good Shepards Pie. The owner is a nice guy. I like places like that. When you leave he comes and shakes your hand and thanks you for coming.”

33. North Carolina - The Belfast Mill, Charlotte

“Like the other reviews, this is a wonderful classic North East style local Irish bar with no bells and whistles. This is here to serve drinks, and have typical bar conversations.”

“I think this is the best bar in Charlotte.”

34. North Dakota - Blarney Stone Pub, Bismarck

Embrace the gift of the “blarney” with a good pint or enjoy “Dinner in Dublin” in this North Dakota favorite.

“Excellent food and beer. You WON'T be disappointed with their Blarney Dip sandwich.”

“I just can't seem to get over how much I love this place. The atmosphere is outstanding. The place is frickin HUGE.”

35. Ohio - Parnell’s Irish Pub, Cleveland

“You cannot find better people than the staff and owner at Parnell's. A must stop before or after a show on Public Square. Its also a great spot to drop in with a friend and catch up over a drink.”

“What I thought was going to be a non-descript, forgettable, quick pick-me-up actually was a very pleasant way to spend a late afternoon.”

36. Oklahoma - Kilkenny’s Irish Pub, Tulsa

“Now this is a local gem! Fantastic pub with one of the best menus I have ever seen we enjoyed appetizer or that had a potato pancake and chicken and other goodies in it it was so delicious.”

“Never been to a bar by myself before. The people there are friendly and inviting. The bartender is HILARIOUS.”

37. Oregon - Irish Table, Cannon Beach

Owned by brothers Sean, Luke, Levi and Shane with Seán’s wife Crystal cooking up a storm, you could be sitting at an Irish kitchen table.

“Amazing! Cheese platter, mussels, steak and ling cod! All delish! My husband tried talking them into opening a place in Portland.”

“The Irish Table is amazing on every level. I had the Prawns last night based on the server's recommendation and they were outstanding. The chandeliers and decor are perfect and everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I felt like part of the family!!”

38. Pennsylvania - Bill Murphy’s Irish Saloon, Philadelphia

“Essentially the platonic ideal of what a neighborhood bar should be … Because of the wide range of positives, it's easy to settle into Murphy's in any scenario from family dining to a casual date to watching sports on their many TVs.”

“OMG the turf burger is LIFE. So glad to have this place in my neighborhood. I'm not big on bars these days, but I love pub fare.”

39. Rhode Island - Doherty’s East Ave Irish Pub, Pawtucket

“I love a beer heaven! More selection than one'll ever get to, thank you Doherty's! The servers are always lovely and the junk on the walls is worth looking at (I always find something I would steal if I were a klepto, but I'm not).”

“Do you want real Irish food? Like, actually tastes like your Irish family made it? Doherty's has got it.”

40. South Carolina - Madra Rua Irish Pub, Summerville

What an absolutely gorgeous day to have lunch on our Paddy-o! We're ready for you!Lunch Specials:Jalapeño ChickenNY Steak HoagieTex Mex BurgerSoups:Lobster BisqueChicken & Pepper

Posted by Madra Rua Irish Pub - Park Circle on Dé Máirt, 17 Samhain 2015

“Yum. Just had lunch here for the first time and seriously thinking about going out and sitting in my car until dinner! I had one of the Daily specials which was a queso burger.”

“The fisherman's pie is delicious! Madra Rua is by far the most authentic pub in the Charleston area and very reasonably priced!”

41. South Dakota - McNally’s Irish Pub, Sioux Falls

With family Sundays, the Jameson Jewel cocktails, and drunken mussels, McNally’s came up top in South Dakota.

“Excellent friendly efficient staff. Dublin cheesesteak was good for the hubby who also enjoyed the champs. I had the Guinness sliders which was just perfect for my smaller appetite.”

“Cool bar with a great atmosphere. . and the food-my god the food is impeccably delicious. Try their special. If I knew the place a bit better I'd feel perfectly comfortable just saying, I'll take whatever the chef serves me”

42. Tennessee - McNamara’s, Nashville

Musician Seán McNamara, his wife Paula, and friends Kirk Orndorff, and Francis "Majic" Gyelbi came together to give you what they feel the perfect Irish bar should look and feel like. They must be doing something right!

“Very good! The shepherd's pie was fabulous, as were the black and tan onion rings.”

“I grew up in NY & Boston and love a good pub. McNamara's nails it. Food is excellent. Live music is great.”

43. Texas - B.D. Riley’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, Austin

Another pub created in Ireland and shipped to the US, named in honor of Bessie Dee Riley, an Irish immigrant who traveled to the US to escape the famine.

“Very good Irish pub and they have an amazing harpist Kristen Gibbs playing few days a week. We went there 3 days in a row just to listen her.”

“BD'S holds true to every expectation of a pub. It has charm and lots of character coupled with delicious food and excellent staff. “

44. Utah - Rock & Reilly’s Irish Pub, Park City

According to “Good Morning America,” this Irish rock bar is home to one of the top ten grilled cheese in America.

“Huge fan of this place. I come in whenever I'm in LA. The in house whiskey is fabulous and the staff is great. The food is good for the most part, especially the wings.”

“No doubt my favorite sports bar in LA. I could spend every Sunday here and it never get old. Absolutely obsessed with the food - especially the nachos and boneless chicken wings.”

45. Vermont - McGrath’s Irish Pub, Killington

“Great bar built right into the mountain. Rocks to sit on in the bar area and tables made of local wood. Stew was delicious.”

“Great food!! Had the turkey melt and it was delicious! There was apple butter on the Irish soda bread, along with turkey, melted cheese, and apple slices. Lots of great flavors.”

46. Virginia - The Celtic House Irish Pub & Restaurant, Arlington

“This is exactly what I want in an Irish Pub - fresh Guinness, Irish accidents, beer specials and attentive service.”

“I was immediately impressed by the small but jubilant bar crowd, Irish owner who personally came to our table to check on us many times, efficient waitress, awesome happy hour specials, great beer list, and overall menu which would please even the pickiest of eaters.”

47. Washington - Shawn O’Donnell’s, Seattle

Thanks to all of you that came out to our Everett pub for the St Pats festival. Good Times!The kid threw a pretty good party at our Seattle O'Donnell's.Check out this 11 sec clip. Wish I could have been at both.

Posted by Shawn O'Donnell's American Grill and Irish Pub on Dé hAoine, 20 Márta 2015

“Bread Pudding was delish!! Monte Cristo, Fish N Chips and Irish Nachos were all tasty! Will try again.”

“This pub is the epitome of fun Irish food and drink! The soda bread is served with honey butter. The clam chowder has cabbage in it! … Added to that is a fun atmosphere with Irish music and friendly service.”

48. Washington, D.C. - Kitty O’Shea’s

“This is the epitome of dive bars/local Irish pub, with unexpectedly excellent food. The bartenders are friendly, the food is great, the location is convenient, and the drinks are solid.”

“I love this place. Time after time I'm welcomed by bartenders who remember my name and my drink.”

49. West Virginia - Irish Pub on Washington Street, Lewisburg

Sellers of the most Guinness in West Virginia!

“The Irish stew was fabulous as was the shepherd's pie. Really, really solid food. And it really stuck to your bones. I have also never seen such an incredible beer selection anywhere in WV.”

“Great staff, all always ready to serve you with a smile and conversation. Authentic Irish music performed live most nights by one of the owners makes it even better!”

50. Wisconsin - County Clare Irish Pub, Milwaukee

A beautiful tribute to County Clare with 20 stained glass windows and a “Saint’s Snug.” County Clare claims “A pint of Guinness is the freshest here outside of St. James Gate itself.”

“If I never eat at another Irish-food restaurant aside from County Clare again, I would die happy knowing that I had tasted the best Irish Pub in Milwaukee.”

51. Wyoming - Pat O’Hara Brewing Company, Cody

And last but not least, a great Irish microbrewery in Wyoming.

“Love the Irish Egg Rolls! All the sandwiches are good. Service is welcoming. Good spot for football games.”

“This place was a great find in Cody. Great beer, good food, and friendly staff. It felt like more of a local place than a tourist trap.”

This list was compiled by Yelp and Buzzfeed using an algorithm that looked at the number of reviews plus the star rating for every business using the tags “Irish pubs” and “Irish restaurants”.

Apple Tart


This is a childhood favorite for many people growing up in Ireland. Just like apple pie in the U.S., this dessert seems to magically appear on the table when friends and family come together.

Instead of using cinnamon and other spices in the filling like an American apple pie, this tart only adds sugar to bring out the sweet apple flavor. What better way to experiment with a variation on the apple pie than with this grandmother-approved recipe?

Families are a fixture in Ireland’s village pubs, so it only seems appropriate that this most Irish of bars in Chicago, Illinois, is tucked inside a former elementary school.

The local Irish-American stonemasons, woodworkers, and other craftsmen who built the space wanted to create a homey place for Irish expats and Irish Americans (and those who wish they were) to share news and celebrate special occasions. There’s even live music on weekends and a full menu (including curry fries, shepherd’s pie, and Irish country stew).

Where To Get the Best Irish Food In Every State

You'll definitely get your Irish fix at these places.

It can be hard to find delicious, authentic Irish food in the United States, but there are a few restaurants that seem to have the fare down pat. If you're ever craving a traditional Irish meal (or at least a traditional Irish-American meal), there is probably a pub or brewhouse that's closer to home than you realize. According to Yelp, these top-rated restaurants are worth traveling to if you&rsquore trying your luck at finding quality Irish eats in your state.

"Oh my! We loved this place! We were greeted promptly and with a smile. My husband had the bangers and mash and I had the Shepherds Pie. Both were very good and just the right size. Can't wait to go back." - Yelp user Sue N.

"The place was great! Good food, friendly service, and stellar beer. The place exceeded expectations in every respect. If I lived close by. I would definitely be back." - Yelp user Tim M.

Dugan's Pub, Little Rock

"Some of the biggest and best mozzarella sticks ever! Fish & Chips that rival if not best London! The fries were definitely fresh cut and I'd swear the mozzarella sticks were hand breaded on site. Drinks & Service A+" - Yelp user Tom C.

"Awesome atmosphere with Scottish live music. Good food & options to drink but less options for food. Drinks has enough varieties of beer / hot drinks / cocktails option. Had to visit. There is some vibe there which compels to visit again and again." - Yelp user Atul S.

"I wish these guys were closer to home. They are fabulous. A really good neighborhood resource for all things Irish - food, music and other features. The food is not fancy, but it is true to life and well prepared. There is nothing bad on the menu! Try everything." - Yelp user Donna H.

Alchemy, Colorado Springs

"Really good food!T he scotch eggs, cheese soups, hamburger and drinks! We really loved stopping in and having supper with this restaurant!" - Yelp user Christopher M.

"Really glad we found this place. Food was fantastic (Scotch Egg and Fish & Chip), service was great, which was impressive since there was only one person responsible for both tending the bar and waiting on all tables with a crowd of 30+, and they've even got their own private parking lot, which is critical in this area. If we're ever in town again we'll be back for sure." - Yelp user Chris L.

"Been there now 2 times in a row and food, service and drinks were amazing. My dad loves Guinness and loves the way they pour it here! We will be back!" - Yelp user Brici C.

"The Harp & Celt is one of my happy places - a nice reminder of all the Irish pubs I know and love in Ireland. The ambiance is super warm and welcoming and the staff is extremely kind and helpful. The perfect meal here: Guinness Blonde, Potato Leek Soup, Cottage Pie, and Bread Pudding. This is what I get most times I come here and it has never steered me wrong. The Potato Leek Soup is creamy and flavorful, the Cottage Pie has the most delicious crispy mashed potatoes on top, and the Bread Pudding is out of this world delicious. You can come here any time of day and have a great time. It's the craic!" - Yelp user Bia S.

"Very friendly and inviting staff. We enjoyed the food, my wife had fish and chips and I had the shepherds pie. Very good. We loved the background music and performance of Jerry Piper. We sat at the bar, beer was great. A delightful afternoon in Dahlonega." - Yelp user Mike P.

6. The Squealing Pig

When you walk into the Squealing Pig, you might at first think you stepped into the wrong bar. Its aesthetic is more modern than the typical Irish pub, and the menu is certainly non-traditional, but that’s what makes it worth a visit. Sure, you can order fish and chips, but you can also get flatbreads, whitefish tacos, and inventive sandwiches like the pig cubano. If you’re really adventurous, it also offers a Mars bar toastie — a deep-fried Mars bar with a Belgian waffle.

Where: 134 Smith Street, Boston, MA 02120

Top 10 Most Delicious Irish Recipes

17th of March is getting close, and do you know what that means? Yes, the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day, the most commonly recognized patron saint of Ireland! And in that honor we made this list of top 10 most delicious traditional Irish recipes. There are varieties of choices that we collected, and of course there are ones made with the most influential in the Irish cuisine – the potato.

This ideas will be an amazing snack or dinner, and in the same time they will decorate your table for the celebration. Be that lady that manages to do everything on time and in the same time does all that flawless, and you can use our help while doing that. Continue reading this article and find the perfect recipe for your Saint Patrick’s Day party. Enjoy the day and don’t forget to write bellow which one did you choose. To get the full recipes just click on the links bellow the picture.

1. Foley’s Irish Pub’s Shepherd’s Pie

This is one traditional Irish recipe that you need to try the second you think of Irish food. The best thing is that it is authentic and you can have that Irish sense in your home. The main ingredient is beef meat and the mixture of green peas and carrots, white pepper salt and garlic will make you crave for more.

2. Irish Stew

This is a great recipe that you can make in your crockpot, and the best thing is that the whole house will smell amazing thanks to this delicious recipe, which will make everyone sit on the table and wait till it’s done. The only thing that is little different from the traditional one is that beef is used instead of lamb or mutton, but it is something that you decide by your own taste.

3. Potato and Leek Soup

In the cold winter days all you need to warm your body is a nice hot soup, and who knows this better then an Irishman? They just know how to pair the ingredients, so believe us when we tell you that this potato and leek soup is the best soup recipes there is.

4. Lucky Irish Soda Bread

If you are looking for a new and sure bread recipe we won’t think twice to recommend you this one. The whole mixture is done for the oven in a less then 30 minutes. This is a great solution for all of you who want simple and delicious bread recipe, and this one’s secret flavor is raisins, yummy!

5. Irish Aebleskiver


This little delicious treats are Irish pancake puffs and are great to serve to your family dinner, because they are unusual and everyone’s gonna love their delicious flavor. Click on the link right below the picture to get the full instructions that you will be needing.

6. Corned Beef and Cabbage Potato Salad

Potatoes are always good idea! Try this Irish salad recipe that can be done in approximately one hour. This will make a great dinner and is also an amazing booster for your vitamin C. Get all the ingredients needed from the list (click the link above) and don’t forget your olive oil!

7. Irish Apple Tart

If you are bored from the traditional American apple pie, don’t give up on the pie completely! This Irish recipe is done on a plate, which at first can sound crazy, but it turns out pretty well. To add a little extra flavor use cinnamon and grated ginger.

8. Chocolate Irish Cream Filled Donuts

There is no one in the world that would turn out a tasty chocolate doughnut. This Irish recipe is different from the usual one that is familiar to all of us, but is great for breaking the monotony and to make a sweet surprise to your loved ones.

9. Homemade Baileys Irish Cream

Mmm, this is one rare alcoholic drink that actually tastes amazing! It’s time to roll up your sleeves and make your own drink for your celebration. All you need is already in your house, so separate 5 or 10 minutes of your time, and make this delicious baileys all by yourself!

10. Poached Salmon With Irish Butter Sauce

Doesn’t the title of this recipe only makes you eager to try it out as soon as possible? Nicely cooked salmon with some tasteful butter sauce, it doesn’t get any better. We saved the best for the end, so you won’t go wrong if you choose to try this one out because the Irish people know what they are doing.

There’s a revolution happening in Ireland and it’s all about food. Authentic Irish food is out of this world and finally the world’s noticing. Irish produce is some of the most coveted in the world and over the last decade, IrishCentral readers' taste has shown us that it’s traditional and authentic Irish recipes that they love.

It doesn't get more hearty or delicious than a plate of Irish food.

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This June, IrishCentral wants to celebrate it all. From how to make a cup of tea (properly), to creating the perfect Irish egg sandwich, to interviews with top chefs like Clodagh McKenna and Darina Allen, we’re all about Irish food.

We’ll also be delving into our recipes, old and new, to celebrate the best Irish recipes from traditional champ and stews to genius more modern uses of Irish ingredients, Guinness brownies and Irish potato gratins for example.

Make your very own boxty at home.

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Of course, we want our readers to get involved. This June we’ll be asking you to name your favorite pubs, restaurants or cafes in Ireland. We want to put the Irish food spots that you’re into on the map, quite literally.

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At the beginning of the month, we’ll release a form, “My Ireland,” which will allow you to name your favorite foodie spot in Ireland. Tell us where it is, what it does, and most importantly tell us why that spot has won your heart!

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