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Delicious Diamond Candles for Mom

 Delicious Diamond Candles for Mom

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If you are looking to really wow mom this Mother’s Day, consider gifting her this candle with a secret. After burning through a Diamond Candle, mom will discover a surprise ring inside that could be valued up to $5,000 dollars! The second best part about these candles? There is an entire collection dedicated to fruity, food-friendly scents. Check out these great gift ideas for your mom. Remember, Mother’s Day is right around the corner.

The collection includes:

Spring Break — Zesty mandarin oranges, sugared berries, crisp apple, and juicy pears combine in a fragrance that says, "I'm ready for sunshine." Light this candle indoors or out, and savor a mini-vacation any time.

Island Getaway — As refreshing as your last vacation in the sun, this candle comes alive with the aroma of an exotic oasis. It's a blend of crisp green kiwi, crushed pineapple, and juicy peach combined with sweet grapefruit and coconut cream. Cheers!

Honeydew Melon — A crisp, delightful smell of melon brings out springtime to any room where it’s lit. A few slices of this fruity aroma will make you go to the produce aisle next time you’re shopping!

Peachy Mango — Sweet scent notes of juicy white peach and ripe mango with hints of bananas, apples, and flowers transform your home into a fruity haven.

Apple Slice — A fresh green apple. We took a blender, several apples, a ring, and a candlewick and voila! Apple Slice Diamond Candle. Well not quite exactly but that's what it smells like.

Lavender Lemon — A bright and fresh lemon scent will burst into your home once you set this candle to flame. Subtle hints of lavender will linger throughout as well.

Black Raspberry Vanilla — One hundred percent sugar rush, zero percent guilt. This candy-scented candle is as sweet as Gummy Bears and Gobstoppers!

Vanilla Lime — Fresh and crisp, this candle brings you a step closer to paradise. Luxuriate in the aroma of invigorating citrus and mellow vanilla.

Hawaiian Coconut — Open up the smell of a fresh coconut from the Hawaiian Islands! This scent will feed your cravings for a piña colada. Pull out a straw, because you’ll have the urge to sip away the pure awesomeness.

Pomegranate Lemonade — Have you ever smelled something so awesome that you just couldn’t get enough of? Pomegranate Lemonade does just that and keeps you coming back for more. With a fresh, light, and fruity kick of strawberry stems, pineapple, and pomegranate, this candle is sure to have your face in it before you burn it!

Watermelon Wedge — Fragrant scent notes of luscious ripe melons with hints of peaches and bananas complement the perfect watermelon aroma. To remember every perfect summer moment, backyard BBQ, picnic, and every smile from summers filled with fresh watermelon and fun outdoors — make this your next candle.

Strawberry Bliss — Nothing fresher than a big bowl full of fresh cut strawberries. Cool and wet to the touch, sweet but tart at the same time when you taste them. This one will make your mouth water. No really, we actually tested it and this scent makes our mouths water. It smells just that good.

Guava Berry — Luscious guava and fresh berries blend to create a delicious springtime treat. Take this candle and light it to experience a fresh feeling at home.

Wild Huckleberry — Fresh notes of ripe mountain berries with an ever so slight touch of the mountains.

Apricot Fig — Top notes of juicy apricot balanced with sweet fig and light floral notes.

Pineapple Mango — A delightful scent of freshly cut pineapple and juicy mango. Straight from the tropics and right to your home!

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