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Crispy dessert trout from cherry pie sheets

Crispy dessert trout from cherry pie sheets

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Drain the cherries in a sieve. If you have frozen, remove them early. I had cherries in a jar, you can find the recipe here:

In a pot, add over the drained cherries, blackberry jam. We put on low heat.

When it starts to boil, add the starch mixed with the juice drained from the cherries. Leave for 5 minutes until the composition thickens.

We turn off the flame and let the composition cool completely.

We spread the thawed pie sheets and cut them into strips.

Take 3-4 sheets (strips) and grease them with melted butter. Overlap the greased sheets and put a spoonful of filling in the corner.

Bring the corner in such a way as to form a triangle and go like this until the strip ends.

In a tray lined with baking paper, place the triangles and grease them with melted butter.

We turn on the oven and when it has reached 180 degrees C, we insert the tray and leave it to bake for 25-30 minutes.

We turn off the oven and let them cool.

Before serving, you can powder them with sugar.